February 28th at the Hyatt Regency Guam

John C. Maxwell

Our 8th Annual simulcast will inspire and motivate. A valuable investment in yourself and your team.

Five world-class speakers to explore leadership from multiple perspectives

Image of 2022 Live2Lead speakers

Hundreds in Guam have attended this annual event and we've heard comments like these:

"The speakers at Live2Lead are really interesting and provide valuable insights and life lessons that can be applied to our jobs and life in general."

Brent Butler 

Nanbo Insurance

“Motivational training that is inspiring on how to lead people, connect, and build relationships.”

Nadine Valino  

Atkins Kroll

“We should always be learning and improving ourselves, and Live2Lead is a great investment in yourself .”

Ann Marie Cruz  

Duenas, Camacho & Associates

“There is much knowledge given, and the motivation is there to truly be a great leader; with your growth from a general setting, not just work.”

Aisha Fernandez 

GTA Teleguam

"A very good avenue to learn and refresh your leadership knowledge.""

Danny Lim  


"It is inspiring to hear such great leaders share their stories and wisdom."

Joy Dumlao

Island CERTS Corp.

"Come with your open mind and take endless notes."

Natalia Faculo  

Docomo Pacific.

"Lead, follow, or get out of the way. The view is better at the front. Live2Lead brings amazing content from amazing speakers."

Dave Silva  

Aon Risk Solutions

“If you care about people and want to be the best authentic leader you can be, I would encourage you to attend.”

Andrew Regalado  

Submarine Squadron 15, U.S. Navy

“You have to attend this conference. It will benefit you and your company.”

Jeannie Martinez  

Port Authority of Guam

“Prepare yourself for a life changing event.”

Michelle Angeles  

Hilton Resort & Spa

Companies of all sizes, across all industries — private sector, government, and military — we see the same level of excitement and enthusiasm for Live2Lead.

Register for Live2Lead!

Feb. 28 at The Hyatt

9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

  • World-Class Speakers with ideas you can use immediately.
  • Afternoon table activities that are leadership focused.
  • A plan for progress in 2023 and beyond.
  • This uplifting, inspiring, and motivating event will help your team to recharge!
  • Live2Lead is for key people at all levels of your organization — senior leaders, middle managers, supervisors, and emerging talent — in the private sector, GovGuam, federal government, and military. It's about growth, inspiration, and recharging your team!

Live2Lead Event Pricing

TEAMS of 10 or more

$179.00 per seat ($1,790.00 table of 10)

Conditions apply. See FAQ below for details.

Call Nellie Joy Roberts at 646-4810 to schedule, or email:  jroberts@guamtraining.com

We will send you the invoice which you'll need prior to making payment.

Please download the "Registration 10" form here.

1-9 Registrants

$189.00 per seat. 

You can download the "Registration 1-9" form here. Whether you pay by check or credit card, please submit the registration.

Note: Please click here to see a quick note before using our payment processor 

Includes morning fruit and pastries, lunch, beverage station, and event workbook. Prices are up everywhere, as you know. However, we've kept ours low to encourage greater participation. If this lower fee encourages you to send just one more team member to Live2Lead, we believe it's a win for everyone. We look forward to hosting you and your group for Live2Lead.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Who is this event for?

Managers at every level of your organization, other key staffers who may be "team leaders" but not formally a part of management, plus those people you are considering for promotion in the future. Live2Lead will help them to raise their perspective and see themselves as well as their potential role differently.

People from the private sector, GovGuam, federal government, and military have enjoyed Live2Lead in past years.

Why should we include our team?

Live2Lead can be a powerful shared experience. It will spur conversations among participants that will lead to positive changes and growth opportunities. Each person who attends will see things from their own unique point of view, and will be able to make a different contribution back to the group. You'll find that Live2Lead is a great way to add some team building benefits.

Are the speakers appearing "live" in Guam?

No. Only a small number of people are able to see the event live in Atlanta, GA. Tens of thousands of people, like us in Guam, have the advantage of viewing it on a giant screen in a venue like Hyatt Regency Guam.

We have a short drive to the hotel, we're in the middle of many others who are also looking for great ideas to advance their career, and we can meet and interact with them.

Guam Training has been presenting programs like Live2Lead for over 20 years, and nobody has ever left without feeling they received information that would benefit them.

The final segment of the program, "Getting a Jumpstart on 2023," will help you apply the ideas and strategies you learnat Live2Lead.

How do we pay?

For organizations that buy 10 or more seats, we accept your company check, or purchase order.

For buyers of 1-9 seats, please click the "Go to Ticket Site Now" button to access our payment processor. You may use your credit card to make your purchase.

If we purchase a ticket and cannot attend

If someone in your group cannot attend, you may gift that person's Live2Lead access to someone else, who will attend in their place.  

What are the speaker topics?

While speakers may decide to change their presentations, here is what we've been told.

JOHN C. MAXWELL, “The Laws of Communication” — Brand new content from his upcoming book, the 16 Laws of Communication, and will provide an overview of the laws and the importance these have on one’s ability to effectively communicate as a leader. Also, how to increase the potential of our core talents and abilities.

ERIC THOMAS, “Ignite Your Power, Your Purpose, and Your Why” — How to rewrite your life's script, understanding yourself and the world around you, finding your why, giving up something good for something great, and constantly stretching toward your potential. Learn the key principles of how to turn a mentality of struggle into strength.

PATRICK LENCIONI, “The 6 Types of Working Genius: A Better Way to Understand Your Gifts, Your Frustrations, and Your Team” — Lencioni explains his groundbreaking new model that explores providing a deeper understanding into our workplace and teams. Knowing which “genius” drives the worker can result in greater satisfaction and higher productivity.

DR. TIM ELMORE, “A New Kind of Diversity: Making the Different Generations on Your Team a Competitive Advantage” — For the first time in history, up to five generations find themselves working alongside each other. This session describes how these groups can get past their differences to help each other — and the team — to build a winning culture. 

How about SHRM PDCs?


Live2Lead has been approved for

3.75 Professional Development Credits (PDCs) through the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). The credits count toward re-certification for anyone holding a SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP credential. The necessary details for redeeming these credits will be made available upon request to anyone participating in the Live2Lead event in its entirety.

There is no additional fee required to receive the PDCs from SHRM, as The John Maxwell Company has paid the fee to be a certified provider of these PDCs.

There is an activity code required to reddem the PDCs, and this will be given to SHRM members at the Nov. 29 event.

How about CEUs?

CEUs “Continuing Education Unit” A CEU is a unit of credit equal to 10 hours of participation in an accredited program designed for professionals with certificates or licenses to practice various professions. These are general CEUs that are internationally accepted and provided by University of
North Georgiathrough Mar 15, 2023.

.35 CEUs will be awarded
A certificate of completion will be sent to guests via email AND regular mail
The cost to the attendee is $25.00 USD
Maxwell Leadership will handle all payment and communication once the attendee has applied for the CEUs through the above-mentioned website.
Attendees can sign up for these by March 15, 2023. Beyond that timeframe, the CEU credits will no longer be available.

The link to the CEU page will be given out at the Nov. 29 event at Hyatt Regency Guam.

Note: Similar leadership events from Guam Training have been certified for CEU credits by professional organizations in Guam in past years.

If you would like to receive credits for attending and you don't wish to use the CEUs from Maxwell Leadership, please ask your certifying body to contact us at: jroberts@guamtraining.com and we will supply whatever information they require to decide how to move forward.

We sent people in November. Do we keep our earlier pricing?

Yes. Whatever price you paid for our earlier session, we will honor that price for anyone you send to the February 28 program.

Still have questions? Call 646-4810 or email:  jroberts@guamtraining.com

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